2nd and 3rd Grade

Todd Orenick aka Mr. Todd or Mr. O

Todd Orenick grew up in the Midwest, and first moved to California in his teens. He is a US Navy veteran, where he served as the personal chef to his ship's captain. He worked his way through college teaching life skills to adults with developmental disabilities. He also served in the Peace Corps as a special education volunteer in the tiny African country of Lesotho. He got his teaching credential from Indiana University in Bloomington.

Mr. Todd has been teaching at the Pacific Community Charter School since 2004. When first hired at PCCS, he taught Language Arts and Science to our 4th thru 8th grade students. When our 2nd and 3rd grade class needed a new teacher, Mr. Todd took the position. As their teacher, he shared his commitment to environmental stewardship (11 years of participation in CA Coastal Cleanup Day) and his passion for teaching literacy, kindness, compassion and peace with his students.

In his personal life, Mr. Todd is a nature lover and gardener who loves living on the Mendocino Coast. He is a talented musician who sings vocal harmonies and plays acoustic guitar in the local band Black Sugar Rose. He is also a long distance runner and has competed in five marathons and two ultra-marathons. One of his favorite places to run is on the Point Arena Stornetta Public Lands where he can truly enjoy our beautiful coast. He is proud to call Point Arena his home.