Students Protecting the Coast

During the fall of 2012 4th-8th grade students embarked on an interdisciplinary project to learn more about public lands here on the North Coast.

The project focused on the BLM Stornetta Public Lands and the anticipated inclusion of these lands into the California Coastal National Monument. This would be the first onshore land to be included in the National Monument, a designation that would enhance its preservation status and better highlight this unique and scenic portion of the coast to the public.

The initial project included:
  • A field trip to photograph the land.
  • Painting landscape watercolors based on the photographs, and sharing these watercolors with the community at public exhibits.
  • A school visit from a representative of our Congressman's office to share information about the California Coastal National Monument bill.
  • A school visit from an archaeologist to discuss the history of the land.
  • Writing letters of support for the California Coastal National Monument to send to the White House.

A small group of 4th-5th grade students continued the project by signing up for an elective that involves further site visits to better understand the land and community outreach efforts to raise awareness about protecting public lands.

This group of students has:
  • Set-up information tables at local events and shared information about the California Coastal National Monument.
  • Created notecards of the landscape watercolors to sell at local stores as a fundraiser for a planned class visit to Washington D.C. in the spring of 2014.
  • Developed a slideshow about the project for sharing in our local and online community.
  • Continued to spend time on the land learning about the native plants and making a field journal.
  • Gathered signatures of support from the public for the California Coastal National Monument.

"We think the coast is a beautiful and peaceful place that should be preserved for everyone." -Students Protecting the Coast

"We want public land where we can hike, take photos, bicycle, watch the seasons change, surf, walk to the beach, picnic, and explore tidepools." -Students Protecting the Coast

"We support adding the Stornetta Public Lands and neighboring lands to the California Coastal National Monument." -Students Protecting the Coast

For more information about these public lands please visit: