The Pacific Community Charter School has a small, family oriented environment. The instructional program integrates fundamental academic skills with meaningful real world experiences. The school aims to develop highly competent students who are both excited about learning and motivated to achieve their potential.

The Pacific School provides the California coastal communities from Salt Point (Sonoma County) to Elk (Mendocino County), including Gualala and Point Arena, with a publicly funded Kindergarten through 12th grade charter school. All K-12 students in these geographic areas are eligible for enrollment. No tuition is charged.

The Pacific School's interdisciplinary curriculum is based on the State frameworks. Subject matter is approached through a variety of pedagogies. Staff develop specific curriculum to help students learn to think, communicate and relate. PCCS emphasizes self-knowledge, the interconnectedness of ideas, individual accomplishment and personal and social responsibility. 

The Pacific School is:

  • A school with multi-aged classrooms that serve diverse student needs and learning styles in a respectful and friendly setting which honors, welcomes and relies on a team approach with families, students, teachers and the community working together to reach goals.
  • A school where responsibility for learning is clearly understood and shared by students, teachers and parents.
  • A school where community and family members are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with students in a warm and welcoming setting managed and run by parents and teachers working together as partners.
  • A tuition-free public school and 501(c)3 non-profit organization.