Governance Council Meetings

Governance Council Meeting Agenda

Monthly Meeting: Wednesday, May 4, 5:30 PM
Location: Online Zoom
In accordance with local and state guidelines, this meeting will be held online. Any person, including those with disabilities, interested in participating in this meeting should contact Jennifer Ketring at or 707-353-0143 to be included on the Zoom invitation.

Call to Order

Open Session
Approval of Agenda (5 min)
Open Comment Period (3 min each)


  • District Updates (5 min)
    • Staff Reports
    • High School Director
    • K-8 Director
    • Executive Director
  • GC Commissioners’ Reports

Items for Discussion/Decision

  1. GC Minutes of March 30, 2022 Meeting. Discussion/Action
  2. Monthly Financial Register. Discussion/Action
  3. Staff Contract Templates: Hourly, Teacher, Management Team. Discussion/Action
  4. Hiring Recommendations for 22.23. Discussion/Action
  5. WASC Mid-Cycle Update. Discussion. Discussion

Meeting Review/Items for future agenda

Next Regular Meeting: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 @ Time TBD 


Governance Council Minutes (SY 21.22)

Governance Council 2021 - 2022 

Sienna Wetherington, Chairperson| Kyle Robinson, Treasurer | Michael Beattie | Jessica Price| Casie Smith | Isis Skarra-Pregler-Stoffers