Stornetta Lands Week 4

Tuesday September 11, 2018
Waxing Crescent Moon
Today we went on an extra special adventure!  Before taking off, I read the students a special letter from our principal, Sigrid, which said that she really needed huckleberries to bake muffins with, and could we please gather some for her.  Along with the letter was a beautifully drawn yet incomplete treasure map!  The map showed us where to begin, and how to get to Huckleberry Heaven, but there were no other landmarks anywhere on the map!  So part of our assignment on the trail was to look for interesting features on the trail, name them, and add them to the map.  On our way to Huckleberry forest we encountered the Winter Magic Tree, the Dancing Tree, another tree we named Old Man's Beard, and braved our way through the Ghost Forest.  All of this was then added to the map to make the journey easier for fellow travelers!  Finally, we arrived to Huckleberry Heaven, and there were SO many huckleberry bushes!!  We gathered, munched, and played here for a good part of the morning.

In a north-east nook of Huckleberry Heaven was a beautiful Cyprus tree who immediately captured the
children's attention.  This tree became a playhouse, complete with a reading nook and a kitchen.  Unfortunately the tree could not safely hold all the children at once, and there was some conflict about who could be in the tree, so we all decided to give the tree a little rest and resume harvesting.  Once we had our fill of berries we continued on the trail until we came to a huge forest of tall Cyprus trees.  This was the PERFECT spot for hide and seek!  We stopped and played a few rounds before continuing on our adventure.  Once we left the Hide and Seek Forest we came to a clearing and Oh Joy!  The sun was shining, sparking on the ocean, and we had the most gorgeous views!  From here we walked slowly back to the cars enjoying the stunning view.  When we made it back to the start of our journey, we had closing circle, shared our highlights from the day, and headed back to the school for lunch.