Oz Farm Week 8

Tuesday October 9, 2018
New Moon

Today we had our second visit to Oz Farm.  The kiddo's were excited, and finding a spot for morning circle proved to be quite difficult!  Finally we decided on a nice, damp, grassy spot along side a beautiful flower bed.  After circle we all moved together to the Redwood Grove, where we climbed, explored, and had snack.  On our way to the Redwoods, we had talked about other places where we wanted to play, like at the tossing game, the Grandmother Walnut, and along the river.  The kiddo's were having *so* much fun in the Redwoods that they all decided to stay in the grove to play (with Ms. Wendy), except for F., who went with me to the Grandmother Walnut.  While F. climbed the gorgeous old tree, the rest of the class worked at stacking logs on top of each other, making ladders, and playing house.  After awhile F. and I went back to check on them, just as they were coming to find us!  We stopped to play the tossing game and munch on apples (Thank you Abby!), before moving along to the Grandmother Walnut.  When we got there most of the kids got right to climbing, though some were having a harder time getting up the trunk than others.  Eventually everyone managed to scurry up the tree and had a delightful time climbing in her branches.  D. also quite enjoyed cracking the walnuts open with a rock.  And, because we were having such a wonderful time, the afternoon went by fast and sooner than we knew it, it was already time to leave.  C. became deeply upset that we never made it to the river, and when he was ready, we talked about the choice the kids had made to stay in the Redwoods, that we wont always have time to do all the choices available, and that we will have more opportunities to visit Oz and play near the river.  It was difficult to leave while C. was still processing his feelings, but he did a really good job getting calm and talking through his feelings when we returned.  Good job C!