Week 23; Gualala Art Center

Friday February 28, 2020
Waxing Crescent Moon

We said good-bye to February today with a visit to the Gualala River.  We began with a walk down a wooded trail, noticing what things have changed since our last visit.  We noticed that there were much less mushrooms growing, and that there were some fallen trees.  When we reached the river bank, we peered into the water and noticed that there were still many plants growing in the river bed.  How long can the plants survive under the water?  Are they always fully submerged?  How did they begin growing down there in the first place?  So many mysteries!  We will have to follow up soon and look for answers to our questions!  After some exploration, we settled into a nice little nook by the river and got to work building faerie houses, nests, and debris huts.