High School October E-newsletter

At the Pacific School we are committed to building strong relationships with our families. Our biweekly e-newsletters, quarterly progress reports and regular teacher-parent communication are some of the ways we aim to maintain those relationships. We seek to establish long-lasting partnerships with families as we know that these partnerships are a key ingredient to the personal and academic achievement of our students.

A few updates I'd like to share this month include: 
  • Our new ramps are installed and the building is being painted. We are looking for parent-student support to complete the painting of the buildings. 
  • Facial masks are available. Made with love by Ms. B.
  • Chromebooks are ready for check-out. Please email me if you need a computer: mtaylorjones@pacificcharterschool.org.
  • Art supplies are coming in daily! Art supplies materials will be available for pick up this Friday, October 9.
  • On-site Academic Tutoring with Andrea Mazza will be starting this month.
  • Progress reports have been sent and October parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled.
  • We have welcomed several new students this past month. 
  • Staff participated in Odysseyware Training and are launching self-paced  courses to help during Distance Learning.
  • All teachers will be attending California Assessment Conference this week to help us with COVID teaching and assessment strategies. Students will receive assignments for those days.
  • Friday is the day for students to check-in with teachers for one-to-one support. Attendance counts! Please check-in with your teachers, myself or Jami at the H.S. Office.

Stay safe and take care.


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