Indigenous Peoples' Day Resolution

WHEREAS, The Pacific School recognizes the fact the town and school sites rest on land that has been and remains the land on which Indigenous people have resided and been richly connected to for time immemorial.

WHEREAS, the Pacific School values the many contributions made to our community through indigenous peoples’ knowledge, labor, technology, science, philosophy, arts and the deep cultural contribution that has substantially shaped the character of the local schools.

WHEREAS, the Pacific School promotes the closing of the equity gap for indigenous people thorough policies and practices that reflect the experiences of indigenous peoples, ensure greater access and opportunity and honor our nation’s indigenous roots, history and contributions.

WHEREAS, in 2011 the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, representing 59 Tribes from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, Western Montana and some Alaskan tribes passed resolution #11-57 to “Support to Change Columbus Day (2nd Monday of October) to Indigenous Peoples” Day.”

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Governance Council of the Pacific Community School support the Recognition of the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day and urges the community to join us in this observance.

Adopted by the PCCS Governance Council on November 4, 2020

Governance Council Members:
Sienna Lampi
Kyle Robinson
Lacey Glaze
Jessica Price
Isis Skarra-Pregler-Stoffers
Michael Beattie
Casie Smith

Supported by the Pacific School Management Team:
Jennifer Ketring, Executive Director
Todd Orenick, K-8 Director
Michele Taylor-Jones, High School Director
Ben Whalen, Finance Manager
Sienna Lampi, Governance Council Chair