K-8 December E-Newsletter

Wow everyone, I can't believe that it is already December. In just a couple of short weeks we will enjoy a much needed and well deserved break. Thank you everyone for all of your hard work to stay connected, to complete asynchronous assignments and to make distance learning the best that it can be.

During these next couple of weeks, teachers and students will participate in NWEA assessments for Math, Reading and ELA. These assessments will help us to generate baseline data to help us see where our students are now, so that we can measure how much they grow during the last remaining months of school. Administering these assessments remotely will require a little more support from parents than the normal Zoom classes, but with help from classroom teachers, these assessments will go smoothly and generate information that teachers will use to guide instruction for the remainder of the school year. Thank you for your active participation in NWEA assessments. You can download a copy of the testing schedule.   

On Friday, December 18th, PCCS K-8 will host an Elves workshop online with our students. We will meet together on Zoom at 10:30, and have a variety of activities led by our teachers. Your child's teacher will share more information about the Elves workshop this week. Additionally, we will still have a materials pick-up on this day so that students are prepared when we return to class on January 4th, 2021. Take care everyone, stay safe, read a little everyday, hope for rain and PEACE!

-Mr. Todd

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