High School February E-Newsletter

Happy New Year 2021,

As a time for change is upon us with the new year, we want to take the time to honor our students distance learning academic and attendance accomplishments. Semester 1 course grades have been mailed home with unofficial transcripts. Transcripts are being updated in the office and GPA High Honor Roll and Honor Roll students are being awarded academic certificates which will be mailed home. We will also be honoring our students with 100% attendance certificates and a Franny’s gift certificate!

Pacific School has not only made it through distance learning but is thriving. Our MAP Growth Test results in Math, Reading and Language Arts are positive. CLS teacher’s, Dana & Beverly, did a great job on testing the majority of our students in these technically challenging times through distance learning. We can use the data from the tests to target specific areas in each subject and identify the gaps. We also now have a baseline measurement of where our students are comparatively to the state average and where they can show growth. We look forward to the second round in the Spring and compiling meaningful data to target academic growth.

Our PCCHS Semester 2 schedule has been updated to help better support our students on a Friday, as outdoor learning is still not able to proceed at the H.S. site. However, we are working towards our Outdoor Classroom. We have identified a crew to help with the wind fence and the next steps are to get a quote on our supplies from local suppliers and to purchase the wood and materials. We have a date and plan to meet on the weekends, weather permitting.

Art in the Schools is also planning their annual event with online exhibition opportunities. We have an exciting piece from our art students during Q1 called, “Putting the Pieces Back Together”. Each student made a stencil of their initials and did Banksy style spray paint work for their panel. Put together it looks like a Zoom screen and we are featuring the old Pacific Community Charter School wooden sign that we replaced this year in it. We also have watercolor & ink local landscapes from Q2 painted by our students entitled, “The Experienced Landscape”. This is accompanied with our rich student selections of CLS passages work with digital presentations available. You will have to check it out online, we will be sending more details in February.

As Q3 is underway, please be reminded that every day counts in Zoom class. Attendance as well as follow-up with online assignments is key to distance learning success. Jupiter Ed. can send text messages with updates on student assignments and grades if you click the the box in your settings. You can also make an appointment with the office for assistance as well as College & Careers scholarships and grants information. We appreciate your partnership in education and communication in all shapes and forms during these challenging times. Let us know if we can help in any way with connectivity, academic support and general advice. Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times and helping us all stay safe.

Take Care & Stay Well,
Michele, High School Director

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