K-8 November E-Newsletter


Teacher Feature: Ms. Tresla

Welcome to our 4-5's and 6-8's ELA and Social Studies classroom! It was wonderful to have our students back into our school building this Fall. The initial awkwardness of reuniting after a long separation soon fell away and back to the business of reading, writing and learning.

Our 4-5's have written a number of poignant and often humorous reflections on our writing prompts such as "Who is someone (no restrictions; alive or dead, real or not) you would like to meet?” All of us have been working on our keyboarding skills with a typing learning program and are typing up some of our own writings for print. Our class reading is a historical fiction book set in the Sonoma Valley in the year leading up to the Bear Flag Revolt. This puts us in close proximity to the history of CA that we are learning in class. All the students have selected the biography book they will be reading for the written report due shortly before our winter break. Also, they will be doing a presentation of their biographical choice. I am looking forward to seeing those.

Our 6-8's class began this year reading the book Flush. Written by Carl Hiaasen and set in the Florida Keys it mixes engaging characters, adventure and misadventure and a focus on pollution, both legal and illegal, damaging the life in our ecosystems. We followed that up with a researched essay assignment addressing an environmental issue. In our Social Studies class we have been learning the back stories of the peoples from the North American, European and African continents at their point of confluence on the North American continent 400 years ago. Now we have pinpointed “the story” to the 13 British Colonies and the aftereffects of the French and Indian War. Wrapping up these last weeks before Winter Break students will be preparing a researched inquiry paper, (either a scientific or historical inquiry) along with a visual presentation of their findings and/or conclusions. Once again I am looking forward to reading those.

The 4th-8th graders recently spent their outdoor learning day together at the Gualala Regional Point Park. They discussed the art of Andy Goldsworthy & created their own nature-based pieces.

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