Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Below is an ongoing list of the most relevant local, county and state scholarships, categorized by due date. However, due to Covid-restrictions and changes, please note that availability and due dates are subject to change. This list is by no means all there is. YOU can definitely find many more by putting the effort in. Call the office for questions or more information.



  • The Italian Catholic Federation is offering several $400 scholarships to graduating seniors. For more information visit
  • Rotary Club of Gualala – two year scholarships of $3,000 ($6,000 over 2 years). More information at the Gualala Rotary Club website.
  • Marie A. Calderilla Scholarship: Silicon Valley Community Foundation is offering twenty (20) $20,000 awards to graduating high school seniors planning to attend a college in San Mateo Community College District (Canada College, San Mateo Community College and Skyline Community College). Visit the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Website for more information.
  • Stifel, The Fabric of Society scholarship started in 2008 and offers one $2000 scholarship. The program highlights 50 high school seniors from around the country as they reflect on school, work, and their communities. Visit the Fabric of Society Scholarship Facebook Page for more information.
  • California Retired Teachers Association Division 55 Hilmer Finne Music Scholarship Fund is awarding $1000 to a Mendocino County public high school senior who plans to attend college to pursue a career in music. More scholarships can be found on the Community Fund of Mendocino County website.
  • The California Association of Collectors is offering three scholarships (1) $2,500.00, (1) $2,000.00 and (1) $1,500.00 to graduating seniors and High School Juniors. Students must write 700-1000 word essay on “The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Good Financial Credit During Your College Years.” For more information
  • James G. Cummings Foundation of Ukiah offers three scholarships of $8,000 each for the study of marine technology. James G Cummings Foundation, 519 South School St, Ukiah, CA 95482; 707-964-6782.


  • Druidic Scholarship Award is offering twenty (20) $2,000 scholarships to Graduating Seniors. NOTE: Need letter of recommendation from local Druid member. Return application to your counsellor and they will obtain letter for you. More information about the Druidic Scholarship can be found by visiting the Druid website
  • Gualala Arts Young Artist Scholarship. The Young Artist Scholarship program is open to graduating seniors who reside in Gualala Arts’ region, from Fort Ross to Elk, and intend to pursue a career in some field of art. Individual scholarships have ranged from $500 to $2,000. More information about the Gualala Arts Young Artist Scholarship.
  • Knights of Columbus is pleased to offer an educational grant of $1,000 to a PA senior. You can write Knights of Columbus, PO BOX 816, POINT ARENA, CA 95468
  • The North Coast Section Foundation Scholarship is a prestigious program recognizing two (2) student athletes based on excellence in athletics, academics and character. One male and one female statewide winner will each receive $5,000 as well as a visit to the State Capitol in Sacramento where they will be honored in front of the legislature. Visit the the NCS website for more information.
  • The Robert Miller Scholarships are available to graduating seniors who want to make their career in the Central Coast grape and wine industry and plan to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo ($1,000) or Alan Hacock Community College ($500). More information on the Robert Miller Scholarship is available on the California Wine Growers Association Website.
  • The California Wine Grape Growers Foundation is offering two $8,000 scholarships to students planning to attend a CSU or UC, and four $2,000 scholarships to students planning to attend a California Community College. The student’s parents or legal guardians must be employed by a California Grape Wine Grower. More information available on the California Wine Growers Association Website.
  • Joshua Perez Memorial Scholarship – Offering one $500 scholarship. More information can be found in the counseling office.
  • Sanctuary Forest is offering scholarships to local high school graduates college-bound seniors with a demonstrated interest and an active involvement in environmental issues.! There are six $1,000 scholarships available through Sanctuary Forest, thanks to generous donations from the Dimmick family (producers of local lumber for four generations), the Maria & Robert Kelly Stewardship, the Humboldt/Mendocino business community, Humboldt/Mendocino Redwood Company, and friends of Sanctuary Forest & Rondal Snodgrass. More information can be found here.


  • Gualala Community Center Scholarship Program is offering $1,000 to two graduating seniors living in the coastal corridor between Manchester and Timber Cove. Contact the Gualala Community Center for current scholarship information.
  • Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff’s Association is offering three $500 and one $1,500 scholarships. 
  • Warren Jones Memorial CITYART Scholarship application is available online. $500 in scholarship funds is available to graduating high school seniors who attend school in Southern Mendocino County (including homeschool students) and are interested in furthering art studies or pursuing careers in the arts. The goal of the Warren Jones Memorial CITYART Scholarship is to acknowledge students with outstanding art talent and to aid them in further study in their field. Art is broadly defined to include painting, sculpture, music, drama, dance, writing, performance, media, film and/or video. Applications for the scholarship can be downloaded at
  • Point Arena Lighthouse – $ 2,000 in scholarship funds for local graduating Seniors and previous graduates to support post-secondary education. More information can be found on the Point Arena Lighthouse website.
  • Gualala Lions Club – two $2,000 scholarships for graduating seniors. More information can be found in the counseling office. Visit the Gualala Lions Club webpage here.