K-12 March E-Newsletter


CLS Business Plan Project: Nautical Nut Balls

Students in our High School’s Community, Leadership, and Service (CLS) class have been busy developing a business plan and product to raise funds for the upcoming CELP field study. They shared the following update about their project.

"Recently, we reached out to local business owner, Nate Boucher, to see if he could give us some ideas to raise funds. He came to our class and gave an introductory presentation in Business 101. During a brainstorming session we came up with the idea of creating a nutritional snack that we could sell at local stores. In our market research, we decided that we would move forward by selling chocolate almond balls. We sourced ingredients with the idea that many folks in our area prefer goods that are local, organic, and affordable. We did a couple of test batches and think we’ve dialed in a recipe that folks will enjoy. We’re being trained in proper food handling and are currently in the midst of marketing and advertising. We’ve named the product Nautical Nut Balls and plan to launch them this Saturday morning (March 5) at a bake sale in front of Surf Supermarket. Hope to see you there."

High School students are using the certified kitchen at the K8 site to produce their Nautical Nut Balls. Be sure to stop by Surf Supermarket this weekend and try them for yourself!

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