K12 October E-Newsletter 2022


Coastal Cleanup Day

On Friday, September 16 our students continued a decade plus school tradition of participating in the annual California Coastal Cleanup. This year 4-8 grade students combined forces with high school students to focus on cleaning up around Point Arena. Students walked down from their respective school sites, picking up trash along the way, and met up at the City Park. They broke into smaller mixed grade groups and did a thorough cleanup around the playground, community garden, open field and surrounding area. The timing was well aligned with the block party that was scheduled to happen in the park the following day.

The TK-1 students went out to Schooner Gulch for their cleanup day. This was a natural complement to their regular outdoor learning days where they focus on the themes of respect and responsibility—respecting one another, respecting our environment, being responsible for our actions, and being responsible community members.

Moat Creek has been the long-standing cleanup location for the 2-3 class. However, this year the class focused their efforts at Stoneboro since Moat Creek access has been closed due to the current improvements. Following is a recap of the day from Ms. Moonflower: "What a beautiful day honoring clean beaches and park areas around our beautiful home of Point Arena. We headed over to Stoneboro with a smaller group of 8 classmates. Starting in the parking lot, Scarlett shared, we hit a ‘jack-pot’ of trash left by what seemed like a handful of people who made themselves comfortable there in the days before. After their dedicated focus, and filling up a couple of bags that were getting heavy, I wanted to adventure through the dunes and see if we could make it to the beach.

Coming from Maui, I LOVED seeing all the kids drop their shoes in a pile as soon as the path became sandy. We slowly adventured our way through the dunes, stopping for snack and all cheered when we reached the ocean shore. These children are pure magic and it was a joy to see everyone mingling so fluidly."