K8 November E-Newsletter 2022


Middle School San Francisco Field Study

The middle school students recently went on a multi-day field study to San Francisco. Following is an overview of their experience as shared by Jesse, 6th grade, with editing support by Mr. Foreman.

"Our class went to San Francisco on Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022. We stayed at a hostel called Fort Mason. The room where Mr. Foreman, Griffin, Lewis and I stayed in was small, but still our room was the best because all the other rooms were really hot. There was a candy bowl in the entrance of the hostel where everyone kept taking candy and a pool table in the eating area.

The first thing we went to was the Exploratorium. There were these different sections that each had different themes. My favorite part was this computer called Daisy and we asked Daisy questions and the computer replied. It did this by taking what other people had written into the computer and using those recycled words to reply. Daisy sometimes didn’t make sense but when she did it was kinda eerie. Some of the other things were a shadow picture room and many optical illusions which made me think about the human brain and how perception and vision work.

The second museum we went to was the MOMA. We saw the Diego Rivera exhibit. It was my second time going to this exhibit so I felt like I got to experience his artwork even more deeply and review the paintings I loved the most. As an artist it was extremely inspiring for me to go to the MOMA. I hope my work will be featured there one day.

The Maritime Museum was informative and helped me realize how San Francisco became the exquisite city that it is; It was built on the Bay! We were on ships that helped bring supplies from all over the world. If it was not for this bay there would be no SF and who knows what California would be like today."