Community Service Requirement

Pacific Community Charter High School requires that each student complete a minimum of eighty (80) hours of community service as a requirement for graduation.

One half of the hours (40) are met through volunteer service contributed to the Pacific School. One half of the hours (40) are met through volunteer service to non-profit organizations or service oriented for-profit organizations or community individuals in need of assistance who are not able to acquire service elsewhere.

Most students try to complete 10 hours of Community Service and 10 hours of School Community Service each year.

There are many opportunities to complete your Service hours. At school, we practice taking care of ourselves, and others, by completing simple work chores each week to keep our environment safe and clean. Students earn School Community Service for completing these chores.

In our community, many organizations thrive on volunteer help, including the Coast Community Library and the Arena Theater.

Opportunities to earn Service Hours are regularly announced in your Community Leadership and Service class.