Energy Education

The Pacific School has received three BP and two PG&E Energy Education grants which directly relate to educational programs. Two grants from the Sustainable Energy Education (SEED) program helped purchase solar energy equipment, a weather station, computers, science curriculum and kits, and field trip opportunities. The grants culminated in Energy Fairs which gave students the opportunity to present what they learned to families, peers and the greater community.

An additional grant from BP, Transportation Resources Energy Education (TREE) focused on transportation issues around the world and specifically in our remote, rural county. Guided by the California State standards for each group, energy content reflected grade appropriate activities. 

Using energy related integrated arts and sciences curricula, the SEED and TREE programs have helped students develop a better understanding of the scientific, social, economic and environmental issues of energy consumption and discover their potential to influence that energy use and production.  Energy Fairs continue to provide students with the opportunity to present energy related science projects every April, on or about Earth Day each year since 2008.