Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Charter School?
Charter schools are independent public schools with rigorous curriculum programs and unique educational approaches. Charter schools do not charge tuition.

2. Is PCCHS accredited?
Yes. PCCHS is accredited through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).

3. Do PCCHS college prep courses meet the UC guidelines?
Yes. You may check the list of PCCHS courses approved by the UC at

4. Will I get help to complete my Passages?
Yes. You will get help in your Community Leadership and Service (CLS) class.

5. Can I go on the Point Arena High School campus?
Yes. Students enrolled in Pacific Community Charter High School can take up to 3 classes at PAHS and students enrolled in PAHS can take up to 3 classes at PCCHS.

6. Can I participate in sports?
Yes. You may compete to play on any of the sports teams throughout the year.

7. Can I attend PAHS dances and special assemblies?
Yes. You should plan to purchase a student body card to save money.

8. Can I participate in the cafeteria’s free and reduced lunch program?
No. Unfortunately, PCCHS does not yet qualify for this program. However, you may purchase meals at the regular price.

9. Is PCCHS an open campus?
Juniors and Seniors may leave campus during lunch.