Manchester Dunes Week 2

Tuesday August 28, 2018
Waning Gibbous Moon

The children had the most wonderful time at the dunes today!  We began our adventure by searching out the perfect spot to hold our morning circle.  C. found a secret little nook behind some trees that was just the right size to hold our circle.  After circle time we trekked down the trail toward the ocean.  B. stopped to take her shoes off, and was absolutely delighted at the feeling of her bare feet on the sand.  It was a very sweet moment!  D. found some cool animal tracks in the sand, and everyone had a guess as to who might have made the tracks.  Were they from a rabbit?  A deer? A puppy? Maybe they were made by a grown up!
After a while we found a lovely spot for a game of hide and seek, with lots of small hills, tall grasses, and bushes to hide behind.  We played two rounds of hide and go seek before sitting down together for snack.  After snack we walked the rest of the way to the beach where the children found a little driftwood hut and immediately went in to investigate!  After a time of playing together in the hunt, we decided to build our own driftwood shelter.  The children did a wonderful job working together on this project.  After this lovely morning of play, walking back to the cars seemed impossible!  Even Indigo was exhausted!  Somehow we all managed to make it back, just in time to have closing circle and head back to the school.