Manchester Dunes Week 3

Tuesday September 4, 2018
Last Quarter Moon

Today we had a wonderful time at the beach!  We began by taking our shoes off, and finding a nice open spot in the dunes to hold our morning circle.  After circle we walked the rest of the way to the beach, stopping to play as we went.  Once we got to the beach, we played some more!!  Then we took some pencil-sized sticks to practice writing the number '1' and our sight word 'a' in the sand.  We then played some matching and sorting games using found treasures along the shore.  After this was snack, and then a visit to one of our favorite natural structures, the driftwood teeter totter!  This has been a great way to learn about weight and balance.
While some students played on the teeter totter, others enjoyed the driftwood huts.  We then all came together to dig for treasure, and would you believe we found parts of an old pirate ship!?  This was a very exciting discovery!  When we got tired of digging, the children discovered a natural slide on one of the sand dunes, and had a delightful time climbing up the hill and sliding back down in the sand.  Soon it was time to head back to school, but we continued the adventure on our walk back along the trail and shared our highlights of the day during the closing circle.