Moat Creek Week 3

Thursday September 6, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Oooh!  What a foggy adventure we had!  We began by walking up the trail and finding a new spot for morning circle where we talked about the plan for the day and students did their jobs (weather watcher & rule keeper.)  Next we meandered farther down the trail while watching for birds and different colors of plants and flowers.  We stopped when we arrived at our  favorite tree, whom we named "Tunnel Tree."  We spent a lot of time playing around Tunnel Tree and even cleaned up her dead branches.  Then we started collecting moss and lichen to make nests for the faeries and birds.  Some of the moss we saved and pretended was ice cream on top of pine cone-cones!   Around this time there was some conflict with the students, as F. wanted to play, but only with T., and this was causing some hurt feelings with other students.  We took some time to sit together in a circle so everyone could share their feelings, and we could talk about friendship and how to include all our friends when we play.  When everyone felt good again, the play resumed!  The children did an amazing job expressing their feelings and resolving this conflict with just a little bit of adult support.

Playing around Tunnel Tree was a lot of fun and we were sad to leave, but we also wanted to visit the beach while there was still time, so we packed up out belongings and headed toward the ocean.  Once again, she didn't disappoint!  Some kiddo's dove straight into the "home" (a little room-sized opening under some huge driftwood logs,) others tried to trick me by making difficult matching and sorting problems using rocks, driftwood, and seaweed.  We then walked over to the little cave and admired the beautiful stones and shells we were finding.  T. even found purple seaweed that felt like leather!  It was so cool!  After all this adventuring it was time to head back to school.  We were sorry to leave, but excited for lunch!