Schooner's Gulch Week 6

Thursday September 27, 2018
Waning Gibbous Moon

Today we returned to one of our new favorite spots, Schooner's Gulch!  When we left the school, the land was enveloped in a thick blanket of fog.  When we arrived at Schoonie's though, the fog was only up in the sky and the surrounding landscape was clear.  We had morning circle in the Redwoods, and Ms. Leah told us about Faerie Rings and why the Redwood's make them.  While we were under the Redwood canopy, B. found a really nice stick which she then used to write the letter 'R' in the duff.  Her classmates were so excited by this that they all chose their own writing sticks to take to the beach with them and practice writing letters and sight words (later on we also used our feet to write sight words in the sand!)  Once at the beach we drew, wrote, and dug in the sand and climbed on our favorite cliffs until snack.  Then we went for a walk to the far end of the beach. 
We were hoping to find some tide pools since we were lucky enough to catch the beach at low tide.  The children found some fun new caves to explore, as well as sea snails and oysters living on the partially submerged rocks.  We also found some washed up jellyfish, part of a stingray, and some shrimp exoskeleton's, which D. was very excited to bring home!  After this we returned to our "home base" to play some more and build sandcastles.  Not long after, it was already time to return to school!  B. was very sad to leave, so I reminded her that would have the chance to come back to this beach several times throughout the school year.  We then said goodbye to Schooner's, and shared our highlights of the day as we walked together back to the cars.