Stornetta Lands Week 6

Tuesday September 25, 2018
Full Moon

Today we returned to the Stornetta Lands on a special mission to locate F.'s missing gray kitty stuffy.  For this adventure though, we walked the opposite way of the usual trail we take.  This way, we would have time to explore those cool spots we always see on our way back to the car and never have time to check out!  The first thing we did was check out a trail we'd never walked down before.  It became rather steep, but somehow we ended up perching along the trail for morning circle.   The fog covered us and the land like a soft, cool blanket, moving and changing form with the wind.  The fog was so thick this morning that we could hear the ocean, but not see her!  As we continued along the trail we struggled to see familiar landmarks through all the fog, and even questioned if we were still on the right trail!  Soon we came to tree that looked really fun to climb, and we stopped to explore and climb.
B. climbed, but became afraid to come down and Ms. Wendy did an amazing job gently coaxing B. to find her footing and helping to guide her down.  As soon as B. safely made it down, she was immediately excited to climb back up!  After this we continued on our journey until we arrived at the forest which we have been the most excited to play in!  This was a really beautiful grove of Cyprus trees where the ground was protected and flat underneath.  There were some huckleberry bushes to graze on, fallen branches to build with, and secret tunnels to explore.  Then the children found a special "shower" in the trees!  They came out of the shower damp and giggly!  The shower was a tree branch heavy with fog and dew which the kiddo's then shook to take their showers!  This spot was so delightful that it was very hard to leave, however we had a very important mission to accomplish so we said good-bye to the forest and continued on to Huckleberry Heaven to search for Kitty.  The first place we looked was in our favorite climbing tree.  We searched all the nooks, but no Kitty to be found.  Then we looked around in the huckleberry bushes and our favorite hiding places, but still no Kitty.  We did, however, hear some meow's and roar's coming from the bushes.  Indigo heard them too and was on high alert!  Our best guess is that a mountain lion came along to munch on some huckleberries, found Kitty, and took Kitty home to her den to snuggle.  We hope that Kitty is being well cared for by the mountain lion and will come back and visit us soon!