Roseman Creek Ranch Week 9

Thursday October 18, 2018
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Today we took a special trip to Roseman Creek Ranch to harvest acorns, explore the farm, and play with puppies!  When we first arrived, we had circle around the fire pit with our host Ms. Katie before moving into the kitchen and learning how to make and can apple sauce.  Each student took a turn stirring the apple sauce as it cooked, then we all sat down and had snack together.  Ms. Katie shared her delicious homemade granola and bright pink apple sauce.  After snack we went for a walk around the property with the dogs and puppy, until we came to a beautiful Oak forest.  When we arrived at the forest, we reviewed what we learned about acorns in class, including how to chose the best acorns to harvest.  Next, each kiddo took a paper bag and began harvesting acorns and acorn caps (for future art projects.)  We also climbed and played in the Oak forest as we harvested. 
Once our bags were full, we moved back to the main part of the ranch, where we took a tour of the farm and harvested delicious pears and apples.  As always, there was so much more to do than we had time for!  As we were getting into the cars, the students were excitedly asking when we would get to come back!  Big thanks to Katie Pence for hosting us!  We had a delightful time and can't wait to visit again soon!