Oz Farm Week 10

Tuesday October 23, 2018
Full Moon

Today we had another wonderful visit to Oz Farm.  We began by having morning circle under the Redwoods, and noticing how much darker it was than the last time we had circle in this spot.  We have been talking a lot in class about how this is the time of the year when "the veil between the worlds becomes thinner" and the magical creatures come out.  To celebrate this mystical season, we will be reading about one magical creature each day from the book, "Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You."  Today we read about The Common House Brownie (and as it turns out, one of our kiddo's has a house infested with them!)  After the story we did a short rain dance before closing circle to play in the forest.  I had brought some walnut shells along to make boats with, but instead the kiddo's lined the shells with Redwood Sorrel to make little beds for the faeries.  They also used feathers to help decorate the faerie houses they made.

 Next the kiddo's began searching for treasure.  C. was certain there was some gold hidden in the trunk of an old fallen tree.  The students all worked together to find the treasure; but they had to be careful!  There was also a terrible curse afoot, which threatened to destroy all the trees!  We then moved to the Grandmother Walnut, thinking the treasure might be there.  As it turned out, the gold was with us all along, because the students themselves were the treasure!  We continued to play at the Grandmother Walnut tree; some kids climbing, some swinging, and others collecting the walnut hulls for a later project, until it was time to head back to school.