Oz Farm Week 11

Tuesday October 30, 2018 
Last Quarter Moon
Today we spent another fabulous afternoon with our friends at Oz farm!  Today we were lucky enough to have two moms with us!  We began with morning circle in the Redwoods with our Oz friend Margaret.  It was really a treat to sing our rain song (and dance) with to many people!  Indigo likes to be in the middle of the circle when we sing, which can be a little distracting, so we sent her off to play with her doggy friend Lucy while we finished circle.  We also read another page from our book of magical creatures.  This one is called Stray Sod or Wandering Clump.  They look like little grasshoppers with grasses growing out of their backs, and if you accidentally (or purposefully!) step on one, you can become temporarily lost and disoriented!  The only way to counteract their magic is to wait it out, or turn your clothes inside out.  We looked around the land and saw lots of places where the Wandering Clumps might be sunning themselves, and decided it was best to turn our clothes inside out just in case we accidentally stepped on one!  Then, feeling safe in our newly adjusted sweaters, we went out to play in the woods. 

Next we moved to the river, where we played with little faeries lovingly made by Ms. Leah with beads and feathers.  The faeries fit perfectly in their little walnut boats, and some went for boat rides in the river.  We then decided to send the walnut boats out with some special wishes and dreams.  The kids told me their wishes, which I wrote down with a special glitter pen on a little scrap of paper.  We then rolled the wishes up into a scroll, tucked the scroll into the walnut boat, whispered some last minute dreams and wishes into the boats, and then sent them free in the river.  The kids had a great time running ahead and watching the walnut boats float along in the current.  Big thanks to the Grandmother Walnut for providing the boats, Ms. Leah for making the darling faeries, the Garcia River for carrying our dreams and wishes, and our friends at Oz Farm for inviting us to play!