Hearn Gulch Week 10

Thursday October 25, 2018
Full Moon

Today we visited a new spot on the Coast-side called Hearn Gulch (aka Iverson Rd. Beach aka Honeymoon Cove.)  This is a beautiful little spot with some amazing rock formations.  We began morning circle by noticing that the entire beach was covered in shade.  We were sitting on the north side of the beach, and could see some sun hitting the cliffs beside us.  We made some estimations of how long it would take for the sun to touch the sand, and to touch one of the plants beside us.  It turned out not to take very long at all!  By the end of morning circle, the sun was already touching us as we sat on the sand.  The rest of out time at the beach was so delightful! 

We made sand castles, climbed the cliffs, and
listened to the huge "woosh BOOM!" sounds as the waves crashed against the rocks and made giant white clouds of spray.  It was really amazing!  We played chase games and pretended to be monsters.  Some kids wanted to be buried in the sand, and we had fun piling up the sand around our friends, and shaping the sand into mermaid and whale tail's.