Week 1: Schooners Gulch

Friday, August 23, 2019
Last Quarter Moon

What a glorious day for our first Forest adventure of the new school year!  The tide was low, the sun was out, and the children were full of energy and enthusiasm!  We arrived at the beach and held morning circle, with new songs and a check in about protocol and rules for our time together outdoors.  Soon after our little learners were zooming around the beach, eager to show us the treasure they had found; the perfectly in tact body of a large dungeness crab!  Each child had a turn examining the crab; noticing the shell, legs, and claws.  After snack we adventured further down the beach, checking out tide pools, climbing on rocks, and playing tag with the gentle waves.  Following this trek, we returned to our base camp where the children spent the rest of the afternoon making sand castles, building and playing in driftwood huts, and drawing pictures in the sand with fingers and sticks.  The children did an especially wonderful job working together to problem solve, and to build upon the existing driftwood huts.  Altogether, it was a delightful day!