Week 2: Voorhees

Tuesday August 27, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon

Today we had quite the adventure visiting the Garcia River at Voorhees!  We began by slipping our way down the hill to the Redwood grove for morning circle.  After songs and check in we played and climbed for a short while before coming back together for snack.  Following snack, we put on our backpacks and wandered down the river to explore.  We were searching for frogs, lizards, and fishes.  Frogs there were a plenty!  We stopped at several shallow spots along the river and to catch the cute little amphibians.  The children did an excellent job holding the frogs gently and then mindfully releasing them back into the river.  We also saw different types of water bugs, fishes, and even a big crayfish!  On our wander we also found an extra huge tangle of blackberry brambles, and it was FULL of fat juicy berries!  You know we just had to stop for a second snack!  Blackberry stained, sun-kissed, and damp from playing the river, we said thank you and goodbye to the land and made our way back to school.