Week 2: Stornetta Lands

Friday August 30, 2019
New Moon

Today the children had a special assignment; complete a partially drawn map of the Stornetta Lands to help us find our way to Huckleberry Heaven!  The map showed us where to begin, and how to get to Huckleberry Heaven, but there were no other landmarks anywhere on the map.  The children's job was to draw in the landmarks we saw along the way, so that next time we go there, we can look for the landmarks so that we know we are going the right way.  All the children were excited to add something to the map, and we ended up naming nearly all the trees from City Hall to Huckleberry Heaven!  Some of the landmarks spotted and mapped by the kids were the Ghost Forest, the Bone Tree, the Spooky Forest, and the Dragon Tree (ready for Halloween anyone?).

As we worked on drawing these landmarks, we could tell by looking at the map that we were getting closer and closer to Huckleberry Heaven.   Soon we saw our first clue; a lone Huckleberry bush.  This was incredibly exciting and the children all ran to the bush, eager to collect huckleberries.  We then kept walking and saw another lone bush, then another one, and another, and soon we were surrounded by So Many huckleberry bushes!!  The children were amazing by the abundance of berries.  As we gathered, we talked about the generosity of huckleberry bushes, and of all the different creatures who are fed by this very special plant.  We spent the rest of the afternoon there, gathering berries, painting our faces with berry juice, playing, and having so much fun!