Week 6; Oz Farm

Tuesday September 24, 2019 Waning Crescent Moon
Today we had a special Equinox celebration at Oz Farm.  After morning circle and snack we walked around the farm, gathering beautiful things from the earth, such as stones, apples, flowers, and leaves.  We then took these to a stump in the Redwood Grove and made an equinox alter as a thank you to the land for holding us, and a welcoming of the new season.  When the alter was complete we played some more in the Redwood Grove, and then moved on to the river because oh boy was it hot!  The kiddo's couldn't wait to dip their feet in the cool water and sink their hands into the thick mud.  Time flies by extra fast at Oz Farm, and before we knew it, it was time to walk back to the cars.  Along the way the children camouflaged themselves among the willows, pretending to be trees so that the teacher monster wouldn't eat them up for lunch!