Week 7; Moat Creek

Friday October 4
Waxing Crescent moon

Today we went to Moat Creek and visited our friend the Tunnel Tree.  Unfortunately the tunnel had closed up since the time of the Forest Kinders' last visit.  Fortunately, these kiddo's were more than up to the challenge, and quick as a cricket that tunnel was re-opened and ready for play!  We had a lot of fun up there, and as much as we wanted to stay and keep playing, something else was calling us... For when we look out over the ocean, we saw that the tide was low.  Really, really low.  We simply had to walk down to the beach and explore!  This was the lowest tide I've ever seen at Moat Creek, and we were able to scramble (ever so carefully!) over the rocks and around the bend, where we were able to access parts of the beach none of us had ever been to before!  We saw sea anemones, fish, and crabs.  We collected shells and nibbled on edible seaweeds.  Some students found one of those weird animals that looks like a cross between a foot and a giant slug, and we could tell he was still alive from his movement so we carefully picked him up, put him back in the ocean, and wished him well on his journey.  It was a wonderful day!