Week 21; Manchester Dunes

Friday February 7, 2020
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Today we went on an adventure at one of our favorite stomping grounds; the Manchester Dunes!  We love this spot for its soft sand, long beaches, and hills perfectly sloped for rolling!  The nice thing about this beach is that even at high tide there is usually a nice stretch of beach for playing on, but not always!  So after holding circle under the trees we decided to wander down to the end of the trail and see what the tide was doing.  Sure enough, the tide was high, and yet there was still room enough to play.  And even more exciting was the amazing driftwood shelter that had been constructed since our last visit!  It was the perfect spot for a story and snack.  After snack some of the students elected to stay and do some construction on the driftwood shelter with Lili, while others went with me on a wander in hopes of making it to the river mouth and catching a glimpse of the bald eagle!  Though we didn't make it all the way to the river mouth, we did pick up some trash and find lots of beautiful treasures to share with our friends!  Such a thoughtful and generous group of students!  I could not be more proud!