Week 20; Moat Creek

Friday January 31, 2020
Waxing Crescent Moon

We said goodbye to January today with a visit to Moat Creek.  We began the adventure with a trek along the coastal trail to visit our good friend, the Tunnel Tree.  We had circle beside Tunnel Tree, and when we sang our tree song, we went deep into our imaginations to pretend that we were the Tunnel Tree, and we even changed the lyrics of our song to reflect that!  It was so much fun!  We also had snack by our tree.  Unfortunately we soon found some tiny creatures who are NOT our friends crawling around on our clothes and in our hair... ticks!  Yikes!!  We quickly trekked back down the trail and to the safety of the beach, where we did thorough tick checks on each other before heading out to play.  There were lots of treasures strewn about on the beach; lots of beautiful shells and pieces of driftwood.  We could see that there were a great many more treasures on the other side of the creek, but the water was too wide to pass!  Luckily our class of forest kindergartners are very cleaver and have some amazing building skills!  They immediately set to work building a bridge across the creek, and in no time we were busy exploring and seeking out treasures on the other side of the creek.  Good job kiddo's!