COVID-19 Planning

In response to the continued impacts of COVID-19 we are carefully considering how to move forward with the 20-21 School Year. Our first priority is the safety of our students and staff and we are working diligently on our 2020-2021 Reopening Plan. In collaboration with Mendocino County Office of Education and County Health Officer, we are working on these 2 scenarios:
  1. Full-time distance learning: The student and teacher will engage online every school day. This engagement can be synchronous, classes occur on set schedules and time frames via live instruction through Zoom or Google, or asynchronous, through assignments completed on the student’s own schedule and supported with videos, online instruction or other materials. Families and students will be expected to fully participate and attendance will be tracked. This option may be available to families on an individual basis regardless of other options being implemented in the fall.
  2. Hybrid model: Students would attend school on specified days and complete distance learning assignments on days they are not on-site at the school. Building community, fostering social connections and experiential learning will be prioritized during on-site instruction days. Distance learning assignments will support in-person lessons and activities.
What we know is that school will reopen according to one of these scenarios in August and that Distance Learning will be a component to ensure a safe learning environment.
Therefore, we are focusing on Professional Development for teachers, students and families while exploring how to deliver engaging quality content and enrichment virtually as well as reinforce our strengths as a school. Our school-wide Reopening Plan addresses the specifics of our hygiene protocols, instructional scenarios and more. We will share the Reopening Plan and Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan draft at our next Governance Council Meeting on August 5th. Contact Jennifer Ketring, Management Team Chair, if you have questions or would like to receive more information about the August 5th meeting.

Resources for reopening plans: