Congratulations Class of 2020!

Pacific Community Charter High School is pleased to announce the 2020 graduating class commencement drive-by ceremony to be held at the Point Arena Lighthouse on Friday, June 12, at 1:30 pm. The gates will open at 1:30 to those who would like to congratulate the class of 2020 graduating seniors Alejandro Aguirre, Cole Diggins, Logan Duggan, Blaine Mason, and Dennae Silva-Timberlake. The public is welcome to drive-by and celebrate the achievements of these students. Please note that the Point Arena Lighthouse is closed to other visitors at this time.

Dennae Silva-Timberlake enjoyed her time on Cheer. While attending high school, she also worked at Trinks. She is proud of her PCCHS Career Exploration Passage in teaching elementary school for which she volunteered weekly at the Charter School K8 Program. She feels her greatest accomplishment is graduating from high school and that she came a long way to achieve that. After high school, she plans to attend community college.

Blaine Mason found the PCCHS Passage program allowed him to focus school time on interests that he could continue to pursue after high school. His feels the most important event during high school is that he had a major spiritual breakthrough and now loves and appreciates everything he has in life. One of his best memories is chilling with the Charter gopher that would silently spectate and admire all of the Charter students from his home on the front lawn. After high school he is planning to pursue photography as a profession and feels totally confident in doing so. He is grateful for all he has learned, whether academic or life skills. He looks forward to an amazing future and wishes the same to all his classmates and teachers.

Logan Duggan traveled to Greece, Cuba, and Baja as part of his High School education to complete his Adventure, Global Awareness and Logical Inquiry Passages. He was on the triathlon team where he discovered his love for the sport and gained a respect for his coach and friends/teammates. After graduation, he plans to attend UC Santa Cruz, major in Environmental Studies, join the UCSC triathlon team, and travel for internships.

Cole Diggins designed his Passages around his interests in animation and writing. His favorite classes were Creative Writing and Art. After high school he plans to become a certified massage therapist.

Alejandro Aguirre knew his career goal when he entered high school and pursued it with unwavering dedication. Alex designed his independent learning projects (Passages) to meet his goal of becoming a top-notch, A1 auto mechanic. He enjoyed working with Jon Luther in the auto shop. After high school, he plans to attend Butte Community College and obtain an Associate of Science degree in automotive technology.