High School November E-News

Greetings to everyone during this changing Fall season on the coast!

The transforming colors of our beautiful coastal landscape continue to restore and renew with the new seasons. What a great opportunity it has been to work with our students and families remotely whilst being able to provide the technology to meet individual needs. We are very grateful for this growth and new perspective in our school culture as we begin to embrace the dynamic teaching and learning climate we live in.

As our county has shifted from the purple to red tier, we are able to continue to plan for the hybrid model in the second semester. We take your opinions into consideration when moving forward with our planning to accommodate everyone's needs. Please take a moment to complete our Fall Family Survey to make sure your voice is heard.

I am very proud to be a part of this new team and our Governance Council (GC). This week the GC formally approved a resolution to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day as a school holiday.

We are excited about our school improvements to the campus and looking to explore more options for creating outdoor learning spaces upon return to the hybrid model. Our teachers recently received grants from the Redwood Coastal Educational Fund and have decided to pool the funds for developing outdoor teaching spaces. Community service hours will be available to students interested in helping build benches and other outdoor enhancements (parent volunteers are welcome too!). Students can also receive community service hours by tutoring younger students from our neighboring Horicon School. Please contact the office for more information.

Quarter 1 grades have been mailed. Continued engagement and communication is key to student success during distance learning. As we move forward Academic Tutoring with Ms. Mazza is available for students who need extra help. Please contact me to set up one-to-one support.

“Putting the pieces back together”, will be the title of our remote mural that we recently completed. The creativity has been phenomenal and we are excited to present our art work. Stay tuned for the culmination exhibition. Our CLS Program has had some amendments that we believe will enhance the program as well as project-based learning experiences for the whole school. 

In these challenging times we have to look to the past greats for the words, like those of Maya Angelou, to help us remain thankful at all times.

-Michele, High School Director 

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