K-12 November E-Newsletter

I've had the opportunity to work with many of our teachers over the dozen plus years of being a parent in the Pacific School community. From teaching electives to organizing events and chaperoning field studies, all of these opportunities allowed me to get involved and actively participate with my boys' teachers. They also provided a chance to get know those teachers in a deeper way—these opportunities for family engagement are something I value as a parent, and now as the Executive Director.

This past Sunday, I learned that one of those teachers, Jef Schultz, passed away. Jef was teaching 4th-5th and middle school Language Arts and History when I got to know him. To me, he epitomized the spirit of our school. A place committed to creating and cultivating community. A place that encouraged students to be active and contributing members in the local and global world. A place where we could express our authentic selves. His commitment to real-world learning and his fearless spirit of adventuring in the world with the kids—these are characteristics that I truly value and am committed to keeping alive in our school.

As we prepare for the upcoming Thanksgiving Break and conscious time of gratitude, I would like to honor Jef and thank him for all that he brought to our school. I am also grateful for this opportunity to help guide our school and work with all of you.

With gratitude.


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