Week 10; Oz Farm

Tuesday October 22, 2019
Waning Crescent Moon

Today we had our last visit to Oz Farm for the autumn season.  We had to make the most of it!  We began, as usual, by having our morning circle in the Redwoods.  The students did a short sense meditation during morning circle, noticing the bird songs, the scent of the earth, air, and the farm, and observing the beauty of the land around us.  After circle we had snack, and then spent some time playing in the Redwood Grove.  After a nice run around beneath the giant Redwoods, we decided to visit the river.  The day was clear with blue skies, so it was nice to be out in the sun, although too cold to play in the water.  Still, the children were quick to kick off their shoes and peel off their socks, and had a lovely time playing on the river bank, catching bugs and creating mud sculptures.