Week 12; Gualala Art Center

Tuesday November 5, 2019
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Today the Forest Kinder's got to go exploring in a new location; the Gualala Arts Center.  We didn't go into the art center though, instead the students found a path and followed it into a beautiful redwood forest.  At each fork in the trail, the children circled up and decided together which way to go.  Soon, we found ourselves standing beside the Gualala River.  We slid down the soft, silty bank and immediately found a wing sitting in the dry part of the river bed!  The wing was very dark brown, almost black, and the smaller feathers on the upper side of the wings had a light brown tip.  Very interesting clues, and the children had a couple different guesses about who this wing may have belonged to.  

After investigating the wing we found a beautiful spot to hold morning circle by the river bank.  There we talked about how different the location looked from when the kindergarten class went last year, when the very spot we were sitting in was covered in deep water!  It's going to be really fun to start tracking the changes that happen at this spot each time we visit!  The children did a lot of tracking during this adventure; following hoof prints and noticing the large amounts of feathers and bones that were scattered along the edge of the trail.  We even found a pig hoof!  Our theory is that we had stumbled upon the feeding grounds of a large predator.  I wonder what we will find next time we visit?