Week 13; Hearn Gulch

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Full Moon

Today our adventure was at a new location; Hearn Gulch!  And this adventure was special for another reason too... We had the great privilege of celebrating the 6th birthday of a very dear forest kindergartner! 
When we arrived the tide was coming in, so we took the time to talk about ocean safety before beginning morning circle.  The tide kept moving in as we sang our songs until the ocean reached her high mark and then began her retreat as we finished our songs and transitioned into snack.  It was a really cool thing to see!  After snack the kiddo's took off to play, and boy did they get creative!  One group of kids worked together to make a magic potion.  They used leaves, little flowers, grass and seaweed, then stirred it together before adding little rocks.  The resulting potion was thick, mucky, and oh-so-smooshy!
Meanwhile, another group of kids worked hard to construct a "wave blocker."  This was used to prevent the waves from getting too high and washing out the beach and all the sand.  We also saw some garbage stuck high up on the cliffs.  We tried to knock it down using sticks and stones, but unfortunately the trash was too high to reach, and it was not safe to climb up the cliff side to collect it.  Hopefully soon someone will find a way to reach it and throw it away before it ends up in the ocean.  I am really proud of these kids for their concern about the trash and creative ways to retrieve it!