Week 16; Ms. Audrey's Cabin

Tuesday December 17, 2019
Waning Gibbous Moon
Today we had a very special adventure indeed!  The kindergarteners had earned 10 stars in class, and chose to trade in those stars for a forest day adventure at my cabin!  Plus, my dogs- Indigo and Arlo- joined us for the fun!  We started by parking in my driveway and getting the very happy doggo's.  It was such a treat to have the dogs join us on our wander.  Both the dogs and the kids were overjoyed to get to play together!  Our pack then trekked down the dirt road toward the Point Arena creek.  When we got down there, we moved further into the woods.  The children loved following the creek; seeing small trickling waterfalls and deep pools of water along the way.  We also saw lots of different kinds of mushrooms.  Some were delicious oyster mushrooms, which unfortunately were growing way up on the Alder tree's, well out of our reach.  We then settled into a cozy little clearing in the woods, where the children worked on making faerie houses and building boats which were then set afloat upon the creek.  After a fun time playing in the woods, we began our walk back to the cabin.  Along the way, the children were challeneged to notice the different kinds of berries that were growing along the path.  We found signs of huckleberries, blackberries, thimbleberries, and (my favorite) salmonberries!  Back at the top of the road, the kiddo's got to have a special peek inside my cabin.  They were especially excited to meet the fishes.  It was a really fun day, and we might come back again in the late spring to notice what has changed since today, and see if there are any berries to munch!