Week 18; Oz Farm

Friday January 10, 2020
Last Quarter Moon

Typically for the PCCS Forest program, we visit Oz Farm for 6 weeks in the autumn and 6 weeks in the spring.  Today however we had the special honor of visiting Oz Farm during the winter!  We had our morning circle in the Redwood Grove, taking special notice of changes that have happened on the landscape since our last visit.  Some of the things the children noticed were the changes in the weather (now it's cold and rainy!) and the apple trees (there are no apples or leaves on them anymore!). After circle and snack we went on a wander around the farm to gather beautiful treasures for a project the students are working on in art class.  We gathered mosses, leaves, and walnut shells, and had a wonderful time exploring the farm using our "mouse eyes."  It's going to be so much fun to return in the spring and see what new changes have occurred!