Week 19; Bower Park

Tuesday January 21, 2020
Waning Crescent Moon

Oh!  What a rainy day adventure we had today!  It was absolutely pouring out!  Luckily we were all dressed up in our rain pants, rain coats, and rain boots!  We began by having morning circle and snack beneath some Redwood trees (hoping they would provide some shelter from the rain). After that we went on a wander, with different children taking turns leading the way.  After a while we sat together in a circle under some young Redwoods, where we did a storytelling game.  For this activity, I began telling a story about some dragons who were experiencing their first winter rains.  They sky was dark with thick rain clouds, and the clouds poured down so much rain that the young dragons could no longer breathe fire!  We then passed the story around the circle, with each child taking a turn to add to the dragon's adventures.  The dragons tried and failed several times to reach the sun and ask him to dry up the rain clouds.  They tried so hard and for so long, that soon winter was over and spring arrived to grant the dragons' wish!  Following the story we continued our wander, and finally, soggy and cold, we decided it was time to head back to school and get toasty!